The Crucial Shift: Why D2C Brands Should Pursue Supermarket Listings

If you're a D2C brand wondering why retail is important, hear our top reasons to start exploring supermarket listings.

Sep 25, 2023

In the fast-paced world of commerce, adaptation is the name of the game. Brands that once thrived on the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) model increasingly need to create an omnichannel strategy to continue driving growth. So, why do these brands need to pivot and seek supermarket listings now the pandemic is over?

Firstly, people aren’t stuck at home anymore and screen time is down. Instead of browsing online people have headed back to the shops. By securing supermarket listings, brands instantly gain exposure to a much broader and varied audience.

D2C businesses face mounting challenges such as increasing customer acquisition costs and the need to constantly innovate. While you still need to invest in-store to gain customers, gaining listings can help diversify revenue streams and reduce dependence on a single channel.

Supermarket shelves are prime real estate for brand visibility. Brands can leverage this by creating eye-catching packaging and strategic in-store marketing. This heightened visibility can have a ripple effect, increasing brand recognition and driving traffic to other sales channels, including D2C.

Finally, securing in-store listings is important to investors for a number of reason; it diversifies revenue streams, validates the business model, and opens doors to growth and partnerships. Ultimately securing national listings leads to increased valuations and therefore aligns with investors' goals for substantial returns, long-term sustainability, and attractive exit strategies in the dynamic world of D2C investments.

Securing supermarket listings is a strategic move for brands facing a decline in D2C sales. It offers access to a broader audience, enhances brand credibility, and provides a convenient shopping experience for consumers. While D2C remains valuable, a diversified approach that includes supermarket listings can help brands adapt to changing market dynamics and position themselves for sustainable growth.

If you are about to enter the world of retail and need support, reach out to us for a personalised growth package.

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