Joint Business Plans: Top Tips for Successful Retail Collaboration

Our top tips on how to develop a joint business plan with your retail partner.

Aug 21, 2023

Joint Business Plans
Joint Business Plans
Joint Business Plans

Joint Business Plans (JBPs) are strategic collaborations between suppliers and retailers to drive mutual growth and achieve shared business objectives. These plans outline the joint activities, goals, and strategies that both parties will undertake to grow retail sales, enhance profitability, and improve the overall performance of the partnership.

JBPs are usually negotiated once a year, at the start of the retailer's financial year. Most things that happen in that year such as distribution changes and promotional space offered are usually dictated by the JBPs; that doesn’t mean that changes not specified in the JBP won’t happen but in general, they influence the year’s decisions.

Here's a few of our top tips to developing Joint Business Plans:

1. Understand the retailer's business objectives:

Gain a deep understanding of the retailer's overall business strategy, goals, and priorities. 

2. Align with retailer's strategy:

Ensure your business objectives align with the retailer's strategy. Identify areas where your brand or product can contribute to the retailer's goals.

3. Gather data and insights:

Collect relevant data and insights to support your JBP. This includes market research, consumer trends, sales data, and shopper behaviour analysis. 

4. Develop strategies and action plans:

Work together with the retailer to develop strategies and action plans that will help achieve your defined goals. 

5. Communicate and review:

Maintain open and regular communication channels with your buyer throughout the JBP implementation. Schedule periodic meetings to review progress, share insights, discuss challenges, and make any necessary adjustments. 

6. Accountability & Conditionality:

Within the JBP it’s likely you’ll have invested in the retailer to gain additional space or get new products listed etc. Ensure you only pay investment that was linked to changes once that change has been completed by the retailer; this is referred to as conditionality.


Remember, a successful Joint Business Plan requires strong collaboration and a focus on mutual growth. By aligning goals, strategies, and resources, suppliers and retailers can create a powerful partnership that drives sustainable business success.

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